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Parenting the Nearly-Grown by Masha Hamilton

It is not often that I share my space with another writer.  I read this essay by Masha Hamilton and was amazed at how it moved me.  I wanted to share it with those who follow my blog.  I have never before seen a trailer for a book but there is one for Masha’s newest… Continue reading Parenting the Nearly-Grown by Masha Hamilton

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Poetry – Let’s Be Friends

I have a web site other than my blog where I have a lot of poetry I have written over the years.  I also have some poetry that has not yet been put online so here is one I came across recently and want to share with my readers. Let’s Be Friends “Let’s be friends”… Continue reading Poetry – Let’s Be Friends

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Book Review – The BlackBerry Diaries

The title intrigued me – The BlackBerry Diaries:  Adventures in Modern Motherhood (ISBN 978-1-55470-154-4).  I have always wanted to know what a blog would look like in print.  Two pluses right off the bat for Kathy Buckworth‘s book.  Then, I started reading. I opened up The BlackBerry Diaries while having lunch at Smart Monkey Cafe… Continue reading Book Review – The BlackBerry Diaries