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Fantastic New Company – to me

I have been running for about two years now.  I started walking a lot the summer of 2007 and had worked up to a very slow jog by Labor Day of that year.  I still, other than my shoes and some Under Armor that was my kids’, do not buy specialized gear to run in.  I make due with what I have on hand.

That all being said, a friend of mine who is a true runner told me about a web site that I loved when first looking at – One More Mile.  Last week I did it.  I ordered a pair of running shorts.  They came on Thursday.  I had placed the order on Sunday, September 13th and received my product via USPS on Thursday, September 17th.  That was a wonderful first impression of the company.

My second first impression occurred when the package arrived.  The mailing label was handwritten.  Instead of the normal “to” it said “To the wonderful:” and then my name and address.  Who doesn’t love being called wonderful and receiving mail that says so?

Then, I opened the envelope the order came in.  First, my shorts are wrapped in tissue paper and have a multi-colored bow around them.  Taped on the paper is magnet.  I love magnets!

I am heading out for a run shortly and going to wear the nice, new, comfy shorts.  I cannot wait to feel them as I run.  Thanks to my friend for telling me how much he likes his.

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