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Product Review – Brooks’ Nightlife Vest

I have said it before, and will probably say it again, I do not spend a lot of money on specialized gear for running.  That being said, I wanted this vest badly so told my sister about it when RunWorldwide.com featured it in the Christmas sales.

Brooks' Nightlife Vest, from RunWorldwide.com

Unfortunately, most of my running gear is black.  I did recently purchase a bright pink, long sleeve top but my jacket – which does have reflective stripes on the sleeves – my leggings, my shorts, my under armor  … all black.  I own some reflective slap bracelets that I picked up on clearance one year but I have only two and occasionally think that is not enough to keep me from getting hit where I live and run.

You see, the roads around my house have no sidewalks.  The roads around my house have very little in the way of shoulders.  The roads are winding and hilly.  Cars have little time to react to you being in the road running.  Most do their best, as do the two different school districts’ buses that buzz by me while I am out.

So, I made a conscious decision to want to be more visible on the road.  In the winter, I am sometimes out in the early morning or in the late afternoon.  Both times can be difficult times for seeing what is going on.  This new vest is helping with that already.

The nice thing about the vest is it is a women’s size.  This means that the arm holes fit me, not hang with excess space.  Less excess equals less chafing which occurs in the frigid winter months as well as the warm summer months.

I love my vest (thanks for getting it here to be under the tree, TJ!) and would bore you all with details of its technology but figure you have read long enough.

If you are running on the road, on a trail or near traffic, be sure to be seen!!!

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