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Book Review – The BlackBerry Diaries

The title intrigued me – The BlackBerry Diaries:  Adventures in Modern Motherhood (ISBN 978-1-55470-154-4).  I have always wanted to know what a blog would look like in print.  Two pluses right off the bat for Kathy Buckworth‘s book.  Then, I started reading.


I opened up The BlackBerry Diaries while having lunch at Smart Monkey Cafe in Ithaca.  I have a new client in the area so was over there for a meeting.  This book came with me so I sat at Smart Monkey trying not to laugh outloud while finding out that Buckworth named her BlackBerry and considered it one of her children.  My 22 year old daughter names her possessions – her car, her mobile phone, her computer.  I name some of my things, definitely my computer.  I thought this was something that was just in my family.  Now I know better.

I have often coveted my 22 year old son’s and my 24 year old son’s BlackBerries.  Yes, I admit it!  I want one!!  I just can’t justify one yet.  Well, maybe, after reading the similarities between a BB and a toddler, I am rethinking my lust for new technology.  Maybe I just need a mobile with a qwerty keyboard.  Does anyone think it is odd that qwerty does not get picked up by spell check?

The BlackBerry Diaries is a laugh a page, wonderful commentary on adapting to new technology.  Technology, we all love it!  Laughs, we all love them!  Pick up a copy of Kathy Buckworth‘s The BlackBerry Diaries and find out how your BB is like a child and what you truly need for accessories.  The read is quick and witty.  It is in blog format but a printed blog.  I couldn’t put it down!

Once you read The BlackBerry Diaries, continue to follow Kathy at her blog.

I did receive a free copy of the book for review purposes.

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