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Some Parenting Lessons from Steubenville

I was literally sick to my stomach reading the details of testimony in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case that ended in a delinquent on all charges verdict yesterday. As a parent and a person who is involved in education, I am struck by the lose of potential any time a young person makes a bad… Continue reading Some Parenting Lessons from Steubenville

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College Students, Parents and Weather Disasters

I could do an emergency preparedness post. As a matter of fact, I have one almost done. It is just not what I want, though. I want to talk about the area that I did not think about and spent a good deal of time worrying over as Sandy approached. I have children, six adult… Continue reading College Students, Parents and Weather Disasters

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Language and Parenting

While the language we choose to use as parents is important, I want to discuss language acquisition and parenting.  As Big Little Wolf has indicated, “parenting rocks. parenting sucks. parenting rocks.” Ever since Becca discussed her son’s lack of language, I have had these thoughts rolling around in my mind.  Parents need to be aware… Continue reading Language and Parenting

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The Flour Baby Project

Each semester the high school student(s) in my house come home with tales of “The Flour Baby Project.” In New York State, high school students must take a half credit of health to graduate.  This course is offered every semester at our high school and includes such topics as STDs, alcoholism, CPR – each student… Continue reading The Flour Baby Project

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Book Review – The BlackBerry Diaries

The title intrigued me – The BlackBerry Diaries:  Adventures in Modern Motherhood (ISBN 978-1-55470-154-4).  I have always wanted to know what a blog would look like in print.  Two pluses right off the bat for Kathy Buckworth‘s book.  Then, I started reading. I opened up The BlackBerry Diaries while having lunch at Smart Monkey Cafe… Continue reading Book Review – The BlackBerry Diaries