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Long Run

I am running in a 15K on Sunday.  It is not just any 15K.  This race is the Boilermaker.  This will be the 32nd running of the race.  So, in planning out my week, I knew I wanted to get one more long run in before the race so it would have to be two things:  (1)an early, very early morning run as we are anticipating a heatwave and (2) early in the week so I could recover from it and rest a bit before the race.

I took off Monday morning from my house at 5:45 am.  I truthfully was behind a bit already, having wanted to leave the house by 5:30.  I knew, though, that I had to hydrate before leaving and, because I planned on ten miles, I should eat something.  The alarm was set for 5 am but I got up without it going off and had a 22-ounce glass of water, a piece of whole wheat toast with Naturally More peanut butter on it and half a cup of coffee.  I also managed to get my sunscreen on and get out the door before 6 am.

The run was fantastic.  While it was daylight out, it was not until I managed to get to Main Street that I truly saw sun.  Glad I made sure that I had sunscreen on the backs of my legs – especially behind my knees – as that is what got hit.  Hope my shoulders don’t look too bad as it is hard to get sunscreen there.

Are you all noticing a trend here?  Studies have shown that runners are more susceptible to skin cancer so here is my public service announcement for the week.  PUT YOUR SUNSCREEN ON BEFORE GOING OUT ON A RUN!!!

The run eventually got tiring.  I had a GU – triple berry for those of you who may be interested – at about five miles.  I noticed I was not drinking as much as I normally do when I go on shorter runs.  This could have been a combination of many things:  just having gotten up, temp not being as high yet.  I am not sure but I do know I sweat profusely before I got home – at least that is the story my running clothing is telling.   By mile 7, my legs were not happy with me at all but I kept going.  There really is no choice as I have to get home.

I took two drinks with me, a water bottle that holds 22 ounces and was empty when I got home and a 20 ounce Orange G2 Gatorade.  Regular Gatorade is too sweet for me so I buy the low-calorie version.  I only drank about half the G2 which is unusual for me on anything over 6 miles.

I know this may seem boring to you all but let me tell you the mothering/parenting win of the day.  I had told both boys on Sunday night that I was going out for a very early run.  The 19 year old had to be to work Monday at 8 am and had worked almost 60 hours the week prior and was tired.  The 15 year old started his job as a camp counselor in a summer day camp Monday.  Both get themselves to work – the 19 year old driving, the 15 year old riding his bike.

When I walked around into the driveway, it was empty.  Both boys had managed to get up, pack their own lunches and get out of the house on time.  Score on the parenting continuum!

10 thoughts on “Long Run

  1. Love those early morning runs, especially when you get home and you have the whole day ahead of you. I’m intrigued by the triple berry GU, haven’t seen that flavor yet!

    1. You made me go look, Molly. It is tri=berry. I loved it!! Picked it up in Ithaca at Finger Lakes Running Company.

      If you do not mind chewing while running, I have recently tried Sports Beans by Jelly Belly. Found them at Wegman’s. They are pretty good too.

  2. Hooray for independent and responsible children!! Good luck on your run, you are an inspiration to me. Can I be your running partner?

    1. You sure can be my running partner, Amber. If you are not use to running, I will do what you need. I do meet with a group of women learning to run once a week. Unfortunately, my meeting with them is broken up by Board of Education meetings but I support them when I can.

  3. Okay, yes, score on the parenting continuum, BUT score even bigger for you on the RUNNING CONTINUUM. You keep it going. Sometimes I just don’t know how, but then I think about it and YES I DO…because it’s a labor of love. There is faith and hope and peace in the running. Oh how I miss it. I do, I really do. And I’m so happy to come by and read these posts because you give me SO MUCH inspiration, Nicki.


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