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Quality of Life

So many things go into the quality of life we all enjoy in our various communities.  The community itself looks to enhance the quality of life for its residents in attempts to keep people interested in living in the community.

I have found that one item that really plays to quality of my life is art.  I like to create art but I also like to know that art is an important part of the community in which I live.

Gronk and BC in front of Barnes & Noble, Vestal

A recent attempt to help rejuvenate downtown Binghamton, an art-based attempt at that, has failed.  hArt of BC attempted to place 22 fiberglass dinosaurs – Gronk – around the city of Binghamton.  Various artists decorated these fiberglass creatures but, in Binghamton, there were problems.  Vandalism.  These dinosaurs are five feet by five feet.  They are to be auctioned off to benefit charity at the end of their time downtown.

That time was ended prematurely when the 22 downtown dinosaurs were moved to the Oakdale Mall on July 1 – after only being in the city for a month – due to vandalism.

On the other hand, Ithaca is in its 11th year of Art in the Heart of the City.  This is an annual outdoor art exhibit.  Granted the exhibits just opened on Friday, when I was last in Ithaca, but I presume some took some time to install so they have probably been up for a bit.

Look up in the tree

So, if you are in Ithaca this summer, enjoy the lake and the falls but make sure you take time to head to the Commons and see Art in the Heart of the City.

6 thoughts on “Quality of Life

  1. I love this post, Nicki. It raises so many issues – many to do with what comprises “quality of life,” but in particular, with the dilemma of art’s value in our contemporary culture.

    Not only do we not make education in the arts a priority (quite the opposite), but all the natural inclinations of our children to be creative, and to express that artistically, are shut down most of the time, as they progress through the school system.

    I have to believe it is a reflection of society’s lack of value in the visual arts, and consequently, the funding to our schools.

    Public art is a particular issue – and challenge. Suddenly, whatever the art may be (and whatever its purpose), there are government bodies and media involved because, of course, you’re talking about a public space. This tends to lengthen the amount of time it takes to agree on and install anything – even if for fun and a good cause.

    Add to that acts of vandalism (disrespect), and the cost, timeframe, and value to providing public art – which can give so much character to a city – all convince people that it isn’t worth the time.

    Any European city is filled with art. Part of the urban landscape. I wish we could wrap our minds around the necessity of art to the human spirit. I think our country would be the richer – and wiser – for doing so.

    1. It truly is disappointing to me that the dinosaurs had to be moved. They are in a better place but I HATE the mall. LOL!

      Art, along with other things, is so important to the quality of life of residents in an area.

  2. Downtown revitalization was my job for 5 years. It certainly was a struggle!

    Quality of life is something I’ve been thinking about lots lately as I suffer through endless days, and weeks of commutes. I’m slowly realizing this is is no way to live. I have no solutions, but I need to find them soon.

    1. Downtown revitalization is a tough job. I am unsure what it is about Ithaca that has made it go so well. Binghamton does not have the same luck.

      It is hard to say what your solution will be but you will find one.

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