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Eat, Pray, Love – India

Yes, yes.  I am behind.  While BlogHER caused the first delay (no, I didn’t attend but Maria did), my mother being in town for a two week vacation caused my personal delay in my sticking with the Eat, Pray, Love postings.  Here’s the background. Maria of BOREDMommy fame is reading and writing about Elizabeth Gilbert’s… Continue reading Eat, Pray, Love – India

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Life Lessons from the Long Run

Yesterday was my longest run to date, 20 miles.  There are many reasons this is important but the biggest thing is I learned some lessons I can apply to life in general. Plan your work and work your plan. I have been following a plan for marathon training.  There are a few “ifs” or “buts”… Continue reading Life Lessons from the Long Run

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Race Recap – Catharine Valley Half Marathon

This particular race was a challenge, not in the course but in the weather.  If you look at the pavement we are on, it is very wet.  We may have been in a slight sprinkling period as it was taken but there were torrential downpours throughout the race.  I was thinking we would be on… Continue reading Race Recap – Catharine Valley Half Marathon

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Operation Beautiful – Book Review

Lately, I have been obsessing on numbers – my times on the my runs, pace on my run, the length of my runs, and, unfortunately and very new for me, my age.  I have not put it straight in my mind why this sudden obsession with age.  I really do not recall having these issues… Continue reading Operation Beautiful – Book Review

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The EPA and Security Issues

This coming Thursday the Environmental Protection Agency was scheduled to hold a public hearing on hydraulic fracturing as a method for removing natural gas from shale deposits.  The hearing, the fourth and last in a series of hearings being held across the country,  was originally scheduled for the Binghamton, New York area.  Binghamton is an… Continue reading The EPA and Security Issues

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Post Run Recovery Smoothie

I have never been a smoothie fan until I started training for a half marathon.  Now I am training for a full marathon and I am drinking, eating smoothies all the time.  Sometimes, I have them pre-run but usually post run.  So here is the one that freaks out all my friends.  Undoubtedly, I get… Continue reading Post Run Recovery Smoothie