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Post Run Recovery Smoothie

I have never been a smoothie fan until I started training for a half marathon.  Now I am training for a full marathon and I am drinking, eating smoothies all the time.  Sometimes, I have them pre-run but usually post run.  So here is the one that freaks out all my friends.  Undoubtedly, I get to all the ingredients but the one that starts with S and then they say “eww!”

Head to your local grocery and pick up some Oikos organic Greek yogurt.  I pick up the Greek yogurt because it has more protein in it so that helps with recovery.  I also get frozen organic fruit.  Today, I used strawberries.  I also pick up some organic spinach.  Yup, there it is!  The S word.  Then, I put in a splash of skim milk which, providing the boys haven’t drank it all and not told me, I always have on hand.

So the ingredient list would look like this:  

8 ounces of Oikos Greek Yogurt (I use either Vanilla – what I had today – or plain)

5 or 6 frozen strawberries (I get them whole but sliced is fine)

A handful of spinach (you really can’t taste it when all is said and done)

2 -4 ounces of skim milk (depends on how thick you want your smoothie)

Blend until smooth.

Pour the blended smoothie into a glass and drink.  I love this.

18 thoughts on “Post Run Recovery Smoothie

    1. I saw it on your blog and decided I don’t drink enough beer to just use it for beer. Hence the smoothie in my Boilermaker glass!

  1. That looks yummy! I thought you were going to say spirulina or something. 😀 You really can’t taste the spinach! Have a great Monday Nicki!

    -Love the glass btw 🙂

  2. This actually looks really good.! I will try. I’ve never been that big on smoothies before either, though my girls like them. I just happened to buy a bunch of organic spinach yesterday too! I just can’t seem to find Greek yogourt and have looked many times before. I must be looking in the wrong places…

    1. Nicolle – not sure where in a Canadian grocery but the Greek yogurt is right in with all the rest here where I am. It is also in a refrigerated section for organic items. I love it as it has a higher protein content.

  3. I am so going to try this! I know that I am going to love it:) Thanks for sharing!

    I hope that your marathon training is going well!

    1. I love it, Julie. Sometimes I make it with blueberries – as they are in season right now.

      Training is going as well as can be expected. I am dreading the 20 miler which is about two and a half weeks out.

  4. that actually sounds really good! I am going to try this….my glass might not be as fancy as yours though;)
    thanks for sharing!

    1. TKW – I usually put in a handful – maybe 6-10 leaves – of spinach. The glass is swag from my big July run – a nationally known one and one that even had me nervous as there were over 13,000 runners registered.

      Thank you!

  5. Nicki,

    Sounds good…but lazy-me would rather just go to the store and buy a smoothie! I don’t drink them much, but I know they’re good…especially if you’re a runner. I’ll have to try them more often.

  6. I made smoothies for the boys for dinner tonite and was actually lamenting the fact that I had no spinach to sneak in there. I think I’ll be subscribing to the smoothie more often over the next four weeks as I try to get my ACT TOGETHER and my legs MOVING MOVING!!!

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