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Thank You

I have been on an extended break.  I didn’t think it would happen but family came to visit and I didn’t get to my blog much.  You see, my mother lives in the desert southwest.  I generally see her once a year.  It is usually when she escapes the summer heat in the greater Palm Springs area and comes to NYS.  This year’s trip coincided with a family reunion for her family.

I knew it was time to start writing again when I wrote a three or four paragraph comment on someone else’s blog.  Time to start letting all these thoughts out of my mind again as they are getting a bit crowded in there.

So, to you dear reader, thank you for coming back to check and see if I had written something new.  Look forward to a few race recaps coming up, some thoughts on Race to the Top (a US Dept of Education program that NYS just won), and much more, including my final thoughts on the book Eat, Pray, Love.

6 thoughts on “Thank You

    1. Yup, Gary! I am back. Thought about trying to get a hold of you and taking Mom and sister out to your studio but they didn’t have time. 😦

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