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Peanut Butter Preference?

Do you have a favorite peanut butter?  I have to be honest and say that at points in my life PB was not a priority.  I would just buy whatever was cheapest.  I no longer think this way.  Now, I look for more in my PB.

The other day I was wondering the aisles at Sam’s Club.  I do occasionally purchase clothing – designer label with bargain price tag – and almost always purchase staples such as bread at Sam’s.  I am not a huge big box or membership shopper but today, I needed bread, feminine products and bottled water.

As I went down an aisle looking for something – I truly cannot remember what, I saw this peanut butter.  I stopped.  It was not the huge size that is normally carried at Sam’s Club.  It was not a double package.  It also was under $4.  This peanut butter is called Naturally More.

Now, a few days after opening the new PB, I am a huge fan and am going to put it to the ultimate test this weekend.  First, why am I a fan?  One of the biggest issues in American diet is the lack of fiber.  Lack of fiber – or as your mother may have called it, “roughage” – causes all kinds of health issues.  The biggest issue is constipation.  Other health issues and diseases have been linked in various ways to lack of dietary fiber. This PB has 50% more fiber in it than regular PB.  I also look for food items that have a good deal of protein in them so as to offer staying power.  This PB has 25% more protein in it.

So, for the ultimate test, I am going to have bagel with Naturally More PB on it prior to my 20K race this Saturday morning.  I have a true issue with getting enough food in my system prior to long runs in the summer.  I don’t like eating when I first get up but I need to this Saturday as the race, which thankfully is local, starts at 7:30 am.

I strongly suggest you all look for, and try, Naturally More peanut butter.

21 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Preference?

  1. I am SOOO thrilled! I have been buying this peanut butter (Naturally More) at Walmart for several years, and a few months ago, it disappeared! I have looked high and low for it, but didn’t think to look at Sam’s. I am going today. It is BY FAR, my very favorite peanut butter of all time. I love it too, because my kids won’t touch it ;))

    1. No guarantee how long Sam’s will have it, Jen, but I love it, too. My 25 y/o is constantly telling me how horrible it tastes. I don’t understand but do not mind having more for me. 😉

  2. We love Teddy’s 🙂 Our favorite (though… now it’s going to be banned again from the house as Fynn’s peanut allergy is back… booooo)

    1. I use to buy Teddy’s in a huge bucket, Corinne. That’s what happens when there are six kids at home. 🙂

  3. 20K? You’re quite the woman. Hope the PB holds up to your test!

    I’m a fan of Smucker’s All Natural With Honey. I only buy natural PBs lately, and I’m a big fan. Less salt, no HF corn syrup, etc. But perhaps I’ll have to find Naturally More and give it a shot.

    And yes, my mother does call it roughage!

    1. I sometimes like crunchy, which this isn’t, but have always gone with unsweetened. The company, whose website is in the post, also makes an almond butter.

  4. I think PB and Jelly is the best meal ever created! Dare I say, I’m famous for my PB & J’s- so, you can imagine my thrill at finding your post!

    I’m a fan of creamy, and I love Arrowhead Mills Organic- so I’m a bit of ingredient freak…but since you put yourself out there honestly, I felt inspired to do the same!

    Just found your blog- enjoying your writing- thanks so much.

  5. Nicki,
    I love peanut butter! I have it every morning on my toast. Great protein…and really tasty. It will help your running!
    I’ll have to check that brand out. Thanks for the suggestion.


    1. I love peanut butter, too. I just don’t eat it all that frequently. My three long races so far this year (two half marathons and a ten miler) were all run on oatmeal with flaxseed in it. It is just going to be too hot Sat to deal with that for breakfast.

  6. We’ve been stuck on (pun intended) Skippy’s Natural PB for years. But sounds like I need to give a new one a try! Good luck this weekend!

    1. I use to buy Skippy’s Natural PB. I guess that is what the oldest wants back. Thanks on the race luck, Jane!

  7. I can no longer eat Peanut butter that has artificial sweeteners in it! I prefer Adams. Yum. Thinking about Adams makes my tummy rumble.

  8. I’m not a huge fan of Weis, but their all natural peanut butter has two ingredients in the list: peanuts and salt. I tend to favor foods with a short ingredient list, so I like it. It is of the sometimes yucky variety that one must stir before eating – but still. Yum! I love it.

    Oh, and I did once buy all natural peanut butter at Wegmans that was ground peanuts and only ground peanuts – one ingredient – but I found I was salting my PB&J sandwiches just a little to get that great peanutty taste. Kind of weird.

    1. While I do normally go for the fewer ingredients the better, I also know that protein is longer lasting so was excited with the “added” things to the Naturally More PB.

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