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A Day in the Life: Adult Children

I’m linking up today with Happy Fit Mama for a day in my life. As you may recall from my review of Garuka Bars, I won a giveaway on her site a while ago. It is not something that I have not written about before. You can read all about a Day in the Life of a Mother of Six.


A Day in the Life Link Up
A Day in the Life Link Up


I was used to being the taxi and running kids all over the place when they were younger and could not do so themselves. Boy, I did not realize this would continue into their late teens.

Morning starts with a wake up. I generally get up on my own, without an alarm, by six. I live in an area that is prone to heavy fog so I do not generally go out first thing in the morning for my run. While I do not mind exercising so early, I do worry about my safety. I try to wait until the school buses have come and gone before running. With no early wake up run, I head to the kitchen and start making coffee. No fancy timer on a coffee maker here. I have a French press so I put water in a tea kettle and turn the stove burner on to warm it up. I generally end up doing some dishes while the water is heating. With two adult children who basically work second shift, there are always dishes in the sink when I get up. I sit down with my computer and the local morning news show and my coffee for some quiet time.

With my youngest back home and going to the local community college, I am most likely on driving duty. Occasionally, one of his older siblings will take him to work. Thank you, number three. Wednesday seems to be the worst day as he goes from 11 am to 8:30 pm and manages to move from campus to another location for a 6 hour lab. We are working on getting him a car but it is still off a few weeks so I do not see this ending right away. On days when he has only one or two classes, I attempt to work around his class time. There are trails at a nearby county park that I can manage to use for my run.

Managing to get some writing in each day – work – is difficult. I start and then, generally need to go do something. I piece things together very well to meet deadlines. I also have to manage to clean up the house. Currently, my washer is broken. This has made me think more about doing laundry. It is not a daily item as it has been in the past. I tend to go to the laundromat once a week. I only do the wash there. Dryer here at home is working great.

I’ve been looking for photos to put in here but am just at the end of my time. Just want all you parents out there to realize that the parenting doesn’t necessarily stop when the high school graduation ends.


What does your typical day look like?




3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Adult Children

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jill. The six are all grown. Baby is 19 so things are a lot less hectic than they use to be. Once that extra car gets on the road, I may even have a life back. 🙂

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