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@GarukaBars Review

A while back I won a giveaway from Happy, Fit Mama on her blog. She had tested these wonderful energy bars and was giving away 2 sets of six of them. Never having heard of Garuka Bars before, I read what she had to say about this product and its taste and decided entering the giveaway would be a good idea.

I’m not usually very lucky so figured I would end up having to buy some Garuka Bars as I was sure that I would not win but win I did!

When I got the package from Garuka Bars, I went crazy. First, from photos, I thought I was going to get a bar similar to others that are in the mass market. You know what I mean – hard, crunchy bars. Not a chance! These are so chewy and sticky – watch out in really warm, hot weather.

Garuka Bar
Garuka Bar

The packaging, like their website, explains why the bar is called Garuka Bars. The Garuka are a gorilla group that needs protection. A percentage of each purchase goes to helping conserve the Garuka.

At 260 calories per bar, these rank a little less than some other energy bars I have had. They are so much tastier than others, also. I am always impressed when the first thing in the ingredient list contains only five letters (okay, so really eight): raw honey.

Anyway, after trying my first Garuka Bar, I immediately hid the rest. I was not going to share these goodies. No way! I encourage you to go out and try these bars yourself. Any of the above links will take you to their website.

When would you eat a Garuka Bar?

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