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Summer Break

No, I did not haul out of town last week. What? Miss the hottest week of the year? Not likely. I just took a slight blogging break. Can I explain why? Possibly but no concrete reason.

With all of last week’s heat came a laziness. There lies the  underlying cause of no blog posts last week. I also spent the week trying to get my first week of marathon training under my belt. So few miles have never felt so hard to run. Let me be clear. We had heat indices close to 100 degrees. Dewpoints were in the 70’s. It was downright uncomfortable.

The heat also brought about a brazenness. I ran in my sports bra twice already this summer. I cannot even think the last time my stomach was exposed to sunlight. I haven’t worn a bikini since my teens. I am sure I was blinding drivers as that blaring sun reflected off my extremely white torso.

The weekend brought about some busy days. Friday I went to a day lily farm. I am sure this is not what they call it but I cannot think of a better term. Not only do the DeForests have many different day lillies, they have cross pollinated and created new varieties. Here’s a tease of a future post.

Day Lillies
Day Lillies


Saturday, I did a day trip to Hamilton. This will also require a separate post. Let me tell you, though, I had a lovely run around Lake Moraine while I was there. This morning while talking, my mother wanted to know if I take running stuff with me everywhere. Doesn’t everyone?

So, I hope you all survived last week’s heat wave. I’m back and will get my posts up in a timely manner for you all.

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