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Cho-Pat Calf Sleeve – Product Review

Disclaimer: I received a free Cho-Pat calf sleeve from Medi-Dyne for review purposes. I have filled out a survey from Medi-Dyne with my opinons on this product. All opinions below are mine. I found out about Medi-Dyne during their sponsorship of #Runchat. Ages ago (before my experience in Roanoke at the Blue Ridge Marathon), I… Continue reading Cho-Pat Calf Sleeve – Product Review

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Green, Green and More Green

I can remember saying, more than once, how green everything was when I was down in Roanoke for the Blue Ridge Mountain. Good reason! They are a bit further south than I am sitting up here in Upstate NY. I have always loved when the earth greens up. We’ve had quite a bit of rain… Continue reading Green, Green and More Green

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Races and My Ever-Filling Calendar

I think I have finally filled out the rest of my year’s racing calendar. There is a mix of local and not so local races. June will be race 10 and possibly race 11.The Vestal XX this Saturday is a favorite of mine. I couldn’t run it last ¬†year due to injury so am excited,… Continue reading Races and My Ever-Filling Calendar

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Mother Runners and a “House” Party

Last Thursday, after a quick trip to the grocery store so I didn’t leave my kids to starve, I headed out on a road trip to Albany. I had been planning this road trip for quite some time. I was kind of excited as the date drew closer because I not only was going to… Continue reading Mother Runners and a “House” Party

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National Running Day

Wooot! Happy National Running Day! Disclaimer: I am being compensated to tell you about the below contest. I think it’s a great win-win concept so would tell you about whether I was being compensated or not. Opinions, as always, are all mine because we all know I am very opinionated. Do you own a Timex?… Continue reading National Running Day