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My Day

I have been asked frequently what I do all day as some people think I sit on the computer and play. Well, I don’t. Imagine that! My day has, though, evolved from when it focused on the six kids and their lives only.

One of the six – number 2 – is married and owns a house. He and his wife and the puppy live about three and a half hours away. Another – number 4 – is getting married this September. The other four, though, seem to think home is a cozy nest. Number 1 has been at home for approximately four years, a move that was facilitated somewhat by a layoff from his job. Number 3 has no full-time permanent job. Number 5 is in college. When he started, he thought he would finish in three years. Now, he’s looking at a semester over four years. Number 6 is home at the moment but heading back to college soon.

Since the kids are all adults, what do I do, you ask? I’m a writer. I write content for various web sites. I also do the research involved in this writing. Until just recently, I spent approximately an hour a day reading and keeping up on various educational issues. I was an elected board of education member. My term is up in 10 days. Writing is how I make my money at the present time.

I run. I am generally training for one race or another. Consequently, there is a run on the calendar for that day or a strength training session or a cross training session.  Even when I was injured last summer, I cross trained as much as I could.

I also keep a house. There is maintenance, even though I rent, and cleaning that needs to be done. The house is an old farmhouse so it is very settled and rather unlevel.

I volunteer. My recent activities are with a food program within our school district called M-EALS. The volunteers delivery food to those who need it for weekends and three big deliveries – the first this morning – over the summer.

I know there is more to my day. I read. I write – working on things other than work and longer than a blog post. I go out with friends. Next week, I’ll let you all know the big thing that has been going on in my live for the past four months.

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