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#RWRunStreak – Summer Version

I am again going to attempt the Runner’s World Run Streak. This particular summer version goes from Memorial Day – the celebrated date so this year, May 27 – until July 4th.   For those of you who follow my blog, you’ll know I tried the summer streak last year. Problem is I ended up… Continue reading #RWRunStreak – Summer Version

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Pittsburgh Half Marathon Recap

Last May the full marathon in Pittsburgh was my first of two full marathons in the month of May. This year, I am not being nearly as daring. I am running the half in both of those cities as opposed to the full. First, I spent Saturday morning wedding dress shopping with my daughter and… Continue reading Pittsburgh Half Marathon Recap

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Strangers Not So Strange

As the story continues to break out of Cleveland about three women who were abducted as teens, I think back to what we teach our children about strangers. Generally speaking, we teach that there are certain adults that will also be “good” people. Strangers are those you do not know. While the stranger mode is… Continue reading Strangers Not So Strange

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Traveling Again

I packed the car again today for another trip. Different city, different race, different car. Totally different route to Pittsburgh than I had originally thought about a month ago. I love the City of Pittsburgh. I still get twinges of Pitt hate as I am, and always will be, a Mountaineer but now that neither… Continue reading Traveling Again