Just my Thoughts


I’ve written about this particular item – voice – before here. I am not talking about my physical voice. I can currently scream as loud as I wish. I’m talking about my writing voice.

I have a list of potential blog topics. I just have no idea if I should or could write these posts. Some might be on the edge as far as a Board of Education member. Some might be on the edge as a mother (though, to think my children who are 18 years and older read my blog is sort of funny). Some might be on the edge as a person currently negotiating a settlement with another person through a third party. Do I put it all out there or do I let some stay here, inside my head?

I got a phone call this morning from an odd number. It was that third party referenced above. He had discussed my counter offer with his client and wanted to make a counter offer to it. Does this annoy me? No but some of the things we are quibbling about annoy me. Can I put them out here in the world? Probably not a good idea right this minute. Maybe in another month or so.

I sit on a Board of Education. I have, in my three year tenure – a word and concept I cannot stand, by the way- sat on multiple committees of the Board. I am leaving my position. It is an elected position and, truthfully, three years of having to wiggle every little penny out of every corner of the district has done me in. I could not imagine wanting to be the superintendent under these conditions.

I have a post sitting in my head about internet and mobile phone safety. It’s not that these items have not been said before. It’s not that these items have been creeping into my life. It has nothing to do with me but everything to do with our children. These children who live in a world where they grow up quicker and quicker. These children who seemingly have everything handed to them so they feel little responsibility for anything or anyone, including themselves. These children who see celebrity as hero and celebrity as doing things that the average person should definitely not do.

Instead, I’m going to leave you with a simple question.

What do you do when your voice needs to be muffled a bit?

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