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#RWRunStreak – Summer Version

I am again going to attempt the Runner’s World Run Streak. This particular summer version goes from Memorial Day – the celebrated date so this year, May 27 – until July 4th.



For those of you who follow my blog, you’ll know I tried the summer streak last year. Problem is I ended up injured after running two marathons in three weeks in May. I might have gotten in seven or eight days before I truly realized this was an injury, not just my imagination and gave up.

So healthy and back at running, I tried the holiday version of the run streak. This one goes during the Christmas holidays. I was just too tired and the weather was too icky for me to get in many days. All told I think I may have managed a total of 11 days before throwing in the towel.

So here I am, again, at the beginning of a streak. It is day two and the weather is ugly and I am just getting started on some work I need to do. Will I get in a run today? It only needs to be a mile. Who knows but my legs are ready and recovered so I think I’ll give it a go.

Have you joined the streak? Have you ever had a running, or any other kind, streak going? How far have you gone?

2 thoughts on “#RWRunStreak – Summer Version

  1. I found that when I did the first holiday streak at the end of 2011 that it led to me losing my drive a bit. Once it was over, I faced that crossroad of going forward or stopping. Neither felt satisfying.

    1. This streak may be perfect for me as I start training for Richmond about 10 days after it ends. I, though, have never made it through the whole streak and will not push to finish this one if my legs get too tired.

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