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Rest Time

I know. You are probably thinking that a rest week for a runner would be a good week for blogging. No! Last week I took some time off both. I made the hard decision – both for my body’s sake and due to family reasons – to not run the half marathon in Buffalo over Memorial Day Weekend.

I have decided that my calendar of running was a bit too much for me. I ran the Skunk Cabbage Half on April 14th. I ran the Blue Ridge Full on April 20th. I ran the Pittsburgh Half on May 5th. That makes two half marathons and one full in three weeks time. My legs and the rest of my body needed a rest. In the last two weeks – until yesterday – I had only run 3.25 miles at a time. Not good for a half marathon this coming weekend.

Training not conducive to a half marathon race
Training not conducive to a half marathon race


I did spend the week catching bits and pieces of the Amgen Tour of California. I felt uncomfortable as the riders went up the Tram Way road that I had run two years ago this October. Top off the immense incline – running it was one thing, biking up it a totally different animal – with what was a lot of heat in the desert area near Palm Springs on Day Two and I am amazed these professionals made it to the top.

Stage Two of the Amgen Tour of California (last 6K up Tram Way in Palm Springs)
Stage Two of the Amgen Tour of California (last 6K up Tram Way in Palm Springs)

So the week was spent working and doing a lot of work. Friday was bring home the college kid. Saturday was I’m not quite sure what but did include watching my Red Wings beat the Blackhawks. I suppose I should pay more attention. Sunday I finally got in a decent run. This made me think that I should not have given up the Buffalo Half but I am not changing my mind.

This week is starting off good. Weather is cloudy but warm. I have managed to secure a bib for the Boilermaker 15K in July. I am on the way to having a perfectly planned marathon training that will start the day after the Boilermaker. Life is good.


2 thoughts on “Rest Time

  1. I understand these sentiments completely. I have been taking more “recovery” and “rest” time this past month, I can just tell I need it. Doesn’t mean there isn’t running happening, just not the hard core or the pushing out of my comfort zone. Right now I needed comforting runs šŸ™‚ That 15k in July sounds perfect!

    1. That’s the way I am. I just know when I need to pull back. I feel, other than the weather here being bi-polar, fantastic when I get in my runs now.

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