National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month. I ride a bike. Admittedly, I don’t ride it as often as I run but I do ride. Currently, my bike is awaiting a spring tune-up to make sure it is in good working order.

I want to spend the majority of this post discussing the most important part of bike safety – in my humble opinion. That is, of course, helmet wearing.

If you ride, or if you have loved ones who ride, get fitted for a helmet. Bike helmets save lives. A few years ago my son fell off his bike on a patch of gravel in the road. He was skinned up pretty bad but did not require stitching anywhere. He immediately went to a family friend’s house and cleaned up. After the fact, we noticed he cracked his helmet. He didn’t even realize, at the time, he hit his head. The helmet saved him from some brain trauma.

Always replace cracked helmets.
Always replace cracked helmets.

Enough for my plug. Here are some resources for you and your family.

Bike Helmets from an Emergency Medical Perspective

Bike Safety Issues for Kids

Bike Safety with printable pages

Bike Safety from Kids Health

How Bicycles Work

How a Bicycle Works

5 thoughts on “National Bike Month

  1. I would lurrves to be biking right now. But I let my kid borrow my bike one summer. And in one summer he tore the dang thing up really bad. Now it’s all rusted out in the back of the shed.

    1. My bike – which was a wedding gift – has been bastardized (cannot think of a better word) by my kids. I had a great, really cushiony seat. One of the kids took it and replaced it with their standard issue seat. UGH! Of course, I didn’t ride it for years so … Someone should have gotten good use out of the seat.

  2. Funny thing about May is that Dick’s tries to promote it as National Running Month, but it never really caught on outside their store.

    1. I know. I love Dick’s, as to me it is still a local store (started here) but was really confused when I received two flyers in the mail at the same time. One was for Mother’s Day and the other for National Running Month. Oh well.

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