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Monthly Goal Review

Wow! I truly do not know where the year is going. I use to tell my days by a school calendar because my children were in school. That all ended last year so June is no longer the busiest month of the year. It’s still pretty busy, though. And, all that busy, that is how these months are just flying by this year.

I only added one more race to my total in May and that was way back at the beginning of the month when I ran the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon UPMC Half Marathon. I ran the half part. It was a great race and I would go back year after year but think that next year I will either run the local Bridge Run Half or head back to Syracuse to run the Mountain Goat 10 miler again. This puts me at nine races for the year so far. I’m slowing down but will have a schedule of races for the rest of the year – so far as I could throw another in – this week or early next week.

My overall mileage took a hit. I just knew – after Pittsburgh which was my third race in three weeks (a half on 4/14, a full on 4/20 and a half on 5/5) – my legs needed some down time. I didn’t do a lot more walking. I literally didn’t do any exercise for a few days. Then, I did much shorter runs. I also bailed on my plans to run the Buffalo Half Marathon at the end of the month. I have vivid visions of last summer’s injury still so between that and my legs feeling tired, I just couldn’t get race ten in before the end of May. With good weather here and Ragnar training along with marathon training starting next month, I know my overall mileage will pick back up. I added a whopping 59 running miles to my total in May to bring running miles for the year up to 541. My total miles for the year – biking, walking, swimming (which I hardly ever do) – is at 567. While these put me behind if I just divide out my annual goals – 1,500 running and 2,013 total – I’m not concerned.

I am remembering to walk/cool down after my runs. This is part of the increase in other miles and why I think my legs are responding better now than they were. I try to walk at least a third of  a mile after any run of more than three miles.

My eating is going to become the pinpoint focus now as I seem to have fallen off all kinds of wagons here. I can’t tell you the last time I made a meal plan. My clean eating is not clean. I will get back on this wagon NOW.

I read two books in May so am still three behind for the annual goal of 24 books. I didn’t even bother to try to cram a third book in over the last week as I just knew it wouldn’t happen.

So again I ask, do you make annual goals? Do you revisit these on a monthly or quarterly basis to see how you are doing? How do you hold yourself accountable?

5 thoughts on “Monthly Goal Review

  1. My plan was 13 Halves and Full’s combined for 2013. 4 Halves and 2 Filo’s down, half the year to go. Planning is so much fun for me. Trying to decide which ones work best, racing new courses, etc. I have only registered and paid for one other Half in October, so far, so I need to start setting some dates for good. If I do Tromptown, I still have 5 more to plan. Yikes, better get moving.

    1. My next race will be number 10 for the year for me. It helps that I ran a Freeze series (3 out of the 4 anyway) in January. I have another 6 scheduled but nothing in October yet or December (will probably do the Santa Run).

      1. I think I have Fall pretty much planned out, as there are a bunch of options for Halves and Full’s. If I do 6 more in the Fall, Tromptown would be the magical “inbetweener” to reach my goal of 13 for 2013.

      2. The big issue with Fall for me is that trying to do all Halves and Fulls, they just aren’t spaced especially far apart. Lots of back to back racing. Makes it a challenge, as long as I stay healthy.

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