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Disclaimer: I was approached to help promote this series of videos by Dick’s Sporting Goods about why people run. I agreed and cannot stop spreading the word as I love these videos. I have been compensated for my sharing the word about these videos but the opinions on them are all mine.

Do you ever stop and wonder why you run? I know I have written the occasional post on why I run. I have written a series of post on my journey towards a healthier lifestyle and running is a huge part of that. If you know me at all, you have probably heard me say – on more than one occasion – I am trying to outrun what heredity wants to give me. I know it’s odd but that is 100% the truth.

Because of trying to outrun what heredity has in store for me, I am probably most drawn to this video of a Dick’s Sporting Goods employee as she talks about what she runs for.

You can see all 13 weeks of video clips here. They are all worth the time to watch. And, just so you are forewarned, you may want a box of tissues nearby.

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