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April in Review

I make annual goals so like to check in at the end of each month. April seemed to buzz by rather quickly. Looking back at the beginning of the month, winter was hanging around but now, summer seems to be here. Not quite sure if we will see spring or not. I am not complaining.

April saw me add two more races to my 13 in 2013 goal. I ran the Skunk Cabbage Half for the fourth time. This particular race is the only race I have run every year. Then, six days later I was climbing the mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Blue Ridge Marathon. I am now at 8 with race number 9 coming up on Sunday.

My overall mileage for the year is a bit behind. I am aiming to run 1500 miles this year. With a third of the year gone, I should be at 500 miles. I am at 482. Not at all worried about those 18 miles as I am sort of recovering still from that mountainous marathon in Roanoke. I am sure I will recoup those miles over the summer. I also have an annual goal of 2013 miles overall – running, walking, biking, swimming – and should be at approximately 670 miles. I am way behind on this at only 499. At the end of March I was not concerned about this discrepancy. I know that my biking will pick up when weather has turned away from winter so I am going to hold out some optimism that I will recoup my missing 171 miles over the summer.

I am getting better at the cool down walk again after my longer runs. This was an important goal for me as walking  uses muscles differently and allows my muscles to stretch a bit (sometimes I lunge or stretch my stride) after a run. Not only was this a goal but it helps me reach that total mileage also.

I am going to refocus on my clean eating. While I have not been craving meat lately, I have had the urge to eat a piece now and then when my kids are having meat. I have not yet decided to abandon my vegetarian ways.

Books are on the uptick. I did read two books in April. I finished my second last night. This still puts me three books behind on my 24 books for the year. I hate to say it but I tend to read more in the summer also. I’ve been known to sit on the screened in porch at night and read or sit outside in the evenings and read.

As I said last month, I am not disappointed. I will not yet reset any of my annual goals. There is still room to reach for these goals and time to get them.

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