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Traveling Again

I packed the car again today for another trip. Different city, different race, different car. Totally different route to Pittsburgh than I had originally thought about a month ago.

I love the City of Pittsburgh. I still get twinges of Pitt hate as I am, and always will be, a Mountaineer but now that neither team is in the Big East, I can let it go. On top of that, I won’t be running through/by Pitt this year as  I am only doing the half . Last year I literally had mixed feelings with Pitt buildings on both sides of me during the marathon.

Today, a very beautiful second day of May, I will drive with my youngest to Buffalo to my son and daughter-in-law’s home. We will stay there tonight. Yes, Buffalo is slightly out of the way of getting to Pittsburgh. That’s okay. This weekend is a big family weekend on top of being a race weekend. Tomorrow, three of us will head to Pittsburgh while the youngest heads to Syracuse for the weekend.

While in Pittsburgh, I will visit friends and my daughter and her partner. We will go wedding dress shopping as they are getting married in September. I will run a half marathon that may be tougher than I thought since I looked at the elevation chart yesterday.



So, have a good Thursday and fantastic Friday. I’m off to test my legs again on some hills in PGH!

3 thoughts on “Traveling Again

    1. I was a big shocked when I looked at the elevation chart. I ran the full last year and there was a hill at 12 miles but the half went in the other direction.

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