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Strong. Strength. Healthy. Solid. Stable.

No, they do not all mean the same thing but they make me think of an active, healthy person.

I run. I run a lot. I sometimes bike. I sometimes swim. I sometimes walk. I need to do something else to be strong.

This morning I was reading Barbara Grufferman’s piece on the AARP blog about Summer Shape-Up. Just like those annoying membership cards that start arriving while before you are old enough to join AARP, this blog is very applicable to those under the membership age of 50.

I encourage everyone to take some time to go find some strength work to help your body be its best, to be strong, to be healthy.

4 thoughts on “Strong

  1. Great tip about the AARP blog. And it is annoying that stuff starts showing up before you’re 50. I know that when I open my box and something is there I will have a breakdown. LOL!

    1. I am winging it right now but literally have various workouts written in on my marathon training plan that starts in about a month.

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