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Running from Heredity

I spent years answering the question why I started running with I’m running from heredity. Both my parents had Type 2 diabetes; both had high blood pressure. My father had heart issues and ultimately died of a heart attack. Both my parents had lung cancer, which is what ultimately killed my mother. When I Started… Continue reading Running from Heredity

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Running Love

This post may be becoming an annual thing. Last year I posted “10 Things I Love About Running.” This year I am reprising it but in a new manner. Thanks to for the call for these types of posts and to all those sponsoring the contest. There is only one reason I truly love running.… Continue reading Running Love

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The Holidays Are Coming!

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! As we all know, the holidays are coming. Thanksgiving, as I write this, is about a week away. I am diligently inviting friends and family. I am developing a menu. I am getting ready. And then, it hit me. The holidays are coming. I can play Christmas… Continue reading The Holidays Are Coming!

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Weather and Health

Winter weather has finally hit the area I live in. By last year, the school was running out of snow days and the number of two hour delays that had occurred were plentiful. Districts in my area were wondering what they were going to do with February, which is routinely a worse month than January.… Continue reading Weather and Health

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How do we measure childhood obesity?

As I said yesterday, childhood obesity is an issue in the United States.  Children from toddlers to teens spend too much time being sedentary.  To me, as a parent, the big question is how do we measure who is and isn’t obese or even overweight as that may lead to obesity.  I have some large… Continue reading How do we measure childhood obesity?