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Races and My Ever-Filling Calendar

I think I have finally filled out the rest of my year’s racing calendar. There is a mix of local and not so local races.

June will be race 10 and possibly race 11.The Vestal XX this Saturday is a favorite of mine. I couldn’t run it last  year due to injury so am excited, though undertrained, to run it on Saturday. The Red Dress Run is an almost 5K that is tough but a fav of mine as it is $5 that goes to the Crime Victim’s Awareness Center.

A group of us at the 2010 Red Dress Run. Yes, even the men wear red dresses.
A group of us at the 2010 Red Dress Run. Yes, even the men wear red dresses.


July will be race 12, providing I do that second race in June. August will add two half marathons so up to race 14 for the year.

September will be big! I will take some time off at the beginning of the month as my daughter is getting married on the 7th. At the end of the month, I will be heading to the Adirondacks to be a part of a Ragnar Relay team and will once again visit Lake Placid. I haven’t been to Lake Placid in decades – years did just not do it justice.

October is likely a local 5K or 10K. I have toyed with going back to Bethlehem, PA for the Runner’s World Half and Festival. I still may but I have not put the money down for that yet.

November is my fall marathon. I will be running Richmond. Then, on Thanksgiving I will run the local Turkey Trot as I have run it every year I’ve been racing.

I’ll round out my year with the local Santa run. That will put me at 19 races for 2013 whether I do the Runner’s World event or not as that would rule out OctoberFAST.

So here it is chronologically. I should finish the year between 18 and 20 races.

June 15 – Vestal XX

June 19 – Red Dress Run

July 14 – Boilermaker 15K

August 8 – Tromptown Half

August 15 – Women’s Distance Festival 5K

August 18 – Catharine Valley Half

September 27-28 – Ragnar Adirondack

October 19  – OctoberFAST 5K & 10K

November 16 – Anthem Richmond Marathon

November 28 – Pete Keyes Turkey Trot

December – Santa Run 5K

What does your schedule look like for the remainder of 2013? Will you hit your goals?

2 thoughts on “Races and My Ever-Filling Calendar

  1. Quite the year Nicki! After a few more decisions, I will be posting my schedule as well. Stay tuned. We will indeed race another one together in Deruyter, NY.

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