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Cho-Pat Calf Sleeve – Product Review

Disclaimer: I received a free Cho-Pat calf sleeve from Medi-Dyne for review purposes. I have filled out a survey from Medi-Dyne with my opinons on this product. All opinions below are mine. I found out about Medi-Dyne during their sponsorship of #Runchat.

Ages ago (before my experience in Roanoke at the Blue Ridge Marathon), I received a Cho-Pat calf sleeve for review purposes from Medi-Dyne. All the hill work I had been doing to prepare for the mountains in Roanoke had caused me some serious issues. My calves were really tight and had a few knots in them. I had had a recent deep tissue massage to try to work out these issues but didn’t have much luck. On top of having the tightest calves I have ever experiences, my shins were bothering me at the beginning of runs. This was lessened with dynamic calf warm-ups and my calf muscles finally loosening up with miles.

Cho-Pat Calf Sleeve (photo from Medi-Dyne website)
Cho-Pat Calf Sleeve (photo from Medi-Dyne website)

My biggest issue with this is I anticipated receiving two sleeves. Medi-Dyne sells calf sleeves individually. I received on calf sleeve. Let me tell you, though, I love it! I have to be honest. I do not own any other compression sleeves. The Cho-Pat sleeve feels heavy to me but it was not heavy when I got it on my calf.

I wore the calf sleeve during both runs and recovery periods. One day I was running a double so I wore the calf sleeve on one leg during the first run and on the other leg during my second run. I did this off and on over a period of four days. Then, during rest days, I would put the sleeve on the tighter of my two calves.

I have to say that I had no calf pain, or shin pain, at all during Blue Ridge. The sleeve did its job and I was so excited. Now that I have added hill repeats back into my running workout, I am back to wearing my calf sleeve occasionally to help prevent the knots and tightness.

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