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Half a Year to Go

Yes, it is July first. Yes, the year is half over. BUT, there is still six months to go. There is still a half year to come and all the wonderful things that go with that half year are waiting for us. I do, though, want to take a small bit of time to look back over my yearly goals and see where I am. Am I half way to these goals or is the second half of the year going to be more of a push than the first half was?

I ticked off an additional race in June in my quest for 13 in 2013. I am at 10 races for the year now. I really did front load my race calendar. Coming up, I have one race in July, two in August, one in September, and two in November that I am sure I am running. I believe I am going to add in one in October but am not positive. I will be well over my 13 goal by the end of the year as I will hit 13 races in August.

I really thought my mileage would pick up a bit come June. I did bounce back up to triple digits. I hit 100 miles exactly running for the month. This puts me at 641 running for the year. I am not half way to my goal of 1500 miles but I am still sure I will hit that number. My overall mileage – running, walking, biking and swimming – for the year stands at 686. I am starting to doubt my ability to get to 2013 miles overall this year but am still going to aim for that. I suppose the worse thing that can happen is I can fail.

I have been much better about remembering to walk after my runs. This helps me stretch and cool down a bit. It also adds to my overall mileage.

I will have a post specifically about eating coming up in the next few days. I am seriously trying, although I fell off the wagon yesterday and today, to reign in my bad eating habits.

I read three books in June so am only two books behind on my 24 for the year. I should be at 12 right now and have only read 10 books so far. Thanks to my daughter for handing me a book Saturday that she wants to share with a friend who is leaving town tomorrow. I read that one quickly and love it (review on Parallel by Lauren Miller will be coming).

So again I ask, do you make annual goals? Do you revisit these on a monthly or quarterly basis to see how you are doing? How do you hold yourself accountable?

4 thoughts on “Half a Year to Go

  1. You are making progress for sure. Excellent year so far, and yes, hopefully the rest of 2013 will be even better than the first half. Keep on running and smiling.

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