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Book Review – The BlackBerry Diaries

The title intrigued me – The BlackBerry Diaries:  Adventures in Modern Motherhood (ISBN 978-1-55470-154-4).  I have always wanted to know what a blog would look like in print.  Two pluses right off the bat for Kathy Buckworth‘s book.  Then, I started reading. I opened up The BlackBerry Diaries while having lunch at Smart Monkey Cafe… Continue reading Book Review – The BlackBerry Diaries

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Technology is a Wonderful Thing

I try to say this with as much sarcasm in my typing as I can but have yet to find the smiley for sarcasm. I work online for a company that has a family of web sites that deal with politics. Last Thursday started a mess that is finally just now ending. We were hacked.… Continue reading Technology is a Wonderful Thing

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Technology on the Rise

When you live where the personal computer sort of started (IBM use to employ almost 20,000 people in this area), you would think that purchasing new technology would be easy.  It seems the big chain stores have managed to either take out all the local vendors or have required that the local vendor raise his/her… Continue reading Technology on the Rise