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Technology on the Rise

When you live where the personal computer sort of started (IBM use to employ almost 20,000 people in this area), you would think that purchasing new technology would be easy.  It seems the big chain stores have managed to either take out all the local vendors or have required that the local vendor raise his/her prices so high that technology is not affordable.

I am looking for a laptop.  I don’t really want to spend $2,000 on one.  That was the average price on the web site of a local store.  I am more the consumer looking for a $500-$900 laptop from Dell or HP.  I have looked and looked for a local store but all I can find selling laptops are major national chains – Circuit City, Sam’s Club, Staples.  We don’t even have a Best Buy or CompUSA in the area so price is not brought down by competition much.

I hate to mail order but may have to if the local area cannot support what I “want.”

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