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Immortality and the Always Wrong Parent

I always knew that at least one of my six children would finally hit that stage where  they were immortal and I knew nothing.  Well, it has taken a long time as most of my kids still believe I know everything – a hard job and a well-placed network of “spies” will accomplish that.

We are in the throws of a good snow storm.  It probably doesn’t help that this is the first real snowstorm all winter.  It really doesn’t help that this is the first storm of any amount of snow since Suz registered her car.  Of course, at 6 am when there was no snow on the ground, no one wanted to go anywhere.  But now, in the middle of the storm – and our weather advisory has gone from a snow advisory to a heavy snow advisory – Suz wants to go out with her friends.

First, it was no.  You can’t drive in this weather.  But, Mom, it isn’t snowing right now.  But Susan, you just woke up and don’t even know what is coming.  Mom, the weather guy is always wrong.  Not this time.

Well, then, it was my friend can come get me.  We do not live “in town” and there is a huge hill to come down to get to our house.  Oh well.  That didn’t matter.  No, you cannot go out with Rychelle.  She is as inexperienced at winter weather driving as you are.  But she will be careful.  Nope – it’s not happening.

Oh well, whatever happened to sledding, snowboarding and building snowmen when it was a snow day?

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