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Computer Hunting

 I am, once again, in the market for a new computer. My initial thought was I was going to get a laptop but since the desktop I use for work at home and my kids use for school and such has no fan anymore, it is a desktop I am getting. A little background – I use to, millenium ago in computer years, sell computers. I have programming knowledge. I know what I want in a processor and a machine. That having been said, I hate shopping for computers.

There are two reasons that it bothers me to shop for computers. I would prefer, having nothing to do with computers but more with local economy, to purchase the computer locally – even if that means at a big box store. The unfortunate truth is there is no where really to purchase locally. The local computer stores are way out of wack with price. The big box stores are limited in what they are – Staples, Circuit City, WalMart, Sam’s – not much choice.

The other thing is that I would prefer an HP. I know there is little difference these days. I have, ever since I have bought my own computers, had HPs and love them. One client I work for is working with me on getting a new machine and recommended a Dell. I went in and built one. Something happened in the shipping process and no computer. I was set. Thought the decisions, the shopping were done. Now, it has to start all over. YUCK! 

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