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I swore, at the beginning of October, I was going to be here blogging every day in October.  That blogging, and my current gig that involves writing, would be my warm-up exercises for NaNoWriMo in November.  Well, all I can say is I hope those 50,000 words in November come more consistently than my blog has so far this month.

Today is Thursday.  I am leaving to go to a conference tomorrow.  I am so out of time for the week and this is the only blog entry since The Greater Ithaca Art Trail on Sunday evening, Monday morning.  The good news is I found the missing camera which I had been sure went on a vacation without me last weekend.  Then, I couldn’t find it in the car.  Well, it was there all along, just not where I was looking.

I forgot to let one client know I was going to be out of town this weekend.  I am not able to do work for this client today or tomorrow and I have a no work on weekends rule.  He is out of luck until Monday.  Worse thing is his office phone rings into my house Monday through Friday so my kids who are home will have to deal with that.

I am going to write a long post at some point in time about Science Olympiad, my reason for being out of town this weekend.  I am heading to a coaches’ workshop.  Yes, I do occasionally volunteer to coach but, at least at this point in time, I am also the Southern Tier Regional Division B Coordinator in NYS.  I run a competition for middle school teams in February.

Well, I have gotten this all out of my mind.  I now am going to get dressed to go to my client’s in Ithaca.  I had to do some shopping yesterday as I have very few long sleeve shirts that fit me so it was off to Penney’s to see what I could find.  They were having a wonderful sale and for just under $55 I managed to snag four long sleeve shirts, dressy enough to wear to work, and a new skirt.  Can’t wait to get dressed today!

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