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No, the weather has not taken a drastic turn for the worst.  It will eventually, though, but that is not what I am concerned about today.


I am talking about icing injuries from sports or exercise.  I do it.  I am sure you do it or have done it.  Do you just grab ice from the freezer?  What is your preferred method?  Do you buy ice packs – either disposable or reusable?  Do you use ice right from the tray?


I was reminded of ice yesterday as  friend said he had turned his ankle a bit on Saturday running.  One misstep on some of the roads I run on can prove to be treacherous.  In that thought, I am providing some recipes, ideas for icing.


  • Ice and water.  This truly works best for an ankle or a wrist.  Other joint areas are hard to utilize this method with.  Put ice in a bucket.  I am talking a bucket that you use to mop the floor if you don’t have one of those mops with the mopping solution attached.  I usually put two ice trays in so a good amount of ice and then fill with water.   Plunge the area in question – now you understand why I said it works best for an ankle or a wrist – into the bucket.  It will be painful for the first couple of minutes.  Leave the effected area in the ice water for up to 15 minutes.  Do NOT go over 20 minutes!  This means someone needs to be keeping an eye on things.
  • For the longest time, I only bought frozen peas to be used to ice injuries.  Peas are round and small so will move around in the bag sold in to conform to a leg, an arm, almost any body part.  Again, be careful about leaving any cold item directly on the skin too long.
  • In August, I pulled something along the bottom of my foot.  It was a small injury, though painful for about six weeks while running.  I would come home and put a towel on the kitchen floor.  I would then take a 12 ounce can of frozen concentrate out of the freezer and roll it with  my foot.  This way my whole leg didn’t get cold and it really worked well.
  • Finally, and I never found this when I had athletic children around, you can make your own reusable gel pack to put in the freezer.  Find a sealable bag and put in it one part rubbing alcohol and three parts water.  Seal the bag and freeze.  You may want to double bag as freezer bags are not always reliable.  This will create a slushy compound that you can use to ice areas and then refreeze and reuse.


I do hope you never have to use any of these suggestions but, just in case, happy icing!

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