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Book Review – Show No Fear

Yes, I am sure that you all were hoping for a review of a non-fiction book with a title like Show No Fear.  That is not the case.  Sorry, but I am not sorry that I picked up the twelfth book in the Nina Reilly series by Perri O’Shaughnessy.  Just to be upfront, one of the two sisters who compose the nom d’plume is my cousin by marriage.  I don’t know that it would matter as the writing Pam and Mary do would draw me in anyway.



I was truly excited to pick up this book as it moved back in the life of Nina Reilly, back to a time when she was in law school and her son Bob was a toddler.  The book is set in the wonderful area of the central California coast.  Places in Carmel and Pacific Palisades are mentioned frequently.


Nina Reilly is a law student and works at a law firm.  She is a single mother of a four year old boy.  The boy’s father was never in the picture until now and then, he is found dead.  Shortly after that, Nina’s mother is also found dead.  The novel surrounds the time before and after these deaths.  It is a mystery novel in its finest.


If you love mysteries, if you love law, pick up Perri O’Shaughnessy’s Show No Fear.


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