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A New Year – A New Start

I have been blogging at Yahoo! 360 for some time.  I do like it for the most part but there are issues that I am having and they bother me a lot.

 First, I don’t like when it looks like some of my blogs have disappeared.  I have over 200 entries in the last year or so and want them all to remain.  Consequently, I worry I am going to lose items.

Second, it is really hard to direct someone to your blog.  If I send them to http://360.yahoo.com/dtmom.geo , they see a page that includes my blog but is not only my blog.

Third, I like to post my artwork.  I am sure there are those of you out there that will not agree it is artwork nor that I am an artist.  That title took a long time for me to accept and now that I have, I want to “flaunt” it.  With 360, I can put on image on a post unless I want to dig into a former life and manage to find space on a server to store my images and use HTML to post multiples images. 

I am hoping, over the next few weeks I can run a test drive here and see if I like this.  I am fairly certain I will find some features that tweak me the way 360 does but I am also certain there will be features that I will like more.

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