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What To Blog About?

This post has been weighing on my mind.  When I started blogging at Yahoo! 360, I didn’t write all that frequently.  When I moved to WordPress, I started writing more often.  There have been days when I have put up three or more posts – short but still.  Then, Yahoo! announced 360 was closing.  There was no import so I started moving posts over manually.  An import was finally made and I imported all my posts.  Some came as duplicates but I think I finally, one day, managed to get all the duplicates down.  So this post, this rambling is my 1000th blog entry.

I wondered.  Should I write about something going on in my personal life?  Should I post the next in the series I started last week about our senses and memory?  Should I write more about my journey to a healthy lifestyle?  Should I write about some of the issues from the State of the Union?  Should I write about other issues that are near and dear to my heart?  Should I do a review?

I did a lot of writing yesterday.  Some writing was for work.  Some writing was personal.  I wrote out an apology and practiced – yes, I said practiced – it so I would not forget anything I wanted to say.  It reminded me of a friend who prepares diligently for job interviews.  I wanted the apology to be perfect.  I forgot most of what I had written when face to face with the person to whom I was apologizing.

So what is my 1000th post going to be about?  It is going to be about writing for my blog.  That is truly ironic.

I write all kinds of things here in my blog.  I noticed, as looked through to pick a post from each month last year for my best of 2009, that I have gotten away from writing about news and politics.  I want to get back to that.  I noticed that I wrote about a lot of great things I did last summer and fall.  I want to continue that.  I noticed that I write a little about my life – though usually through the looking glass of mother.  I want to do more of that.

I also want to continue to write about our senses as mine seem to be developing anew.  Maybe they have always been there – of course, they have always been there – but I am discovery their connection to memories anew.

I am off to get ready for a weekly meeting of Moms.  We call ourselves the Lonely Moms’ Club as, with most of us anyway, we have our children in school and are not employed in a 9-5 type job.  We get together during the school year once a week for breakfast.  Maybe  I will even write about that some day.

28 thoughts on “What To Blog About?

  1. Congratulations on reaching the 1000th milestone! I enjoy reading your blog whatever you write about so keep up the good work and I’m glad we are blogging, twitter and DM friends!

  2. Wow, 1000. That’s impressive! It must be amazing to look back at all you’ve done and I think it’s great you have goals moving forward. Whatever you write, I’ll be here reading! Congrats!

  3. Congrats! I don’t even know how many posts I’ve written, but I know it isn’t anywhere close to 1000. I need to look back at my posts and see what I’ve stopped doing that I liked and things I’ve started doing that are working. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Nicki, you’re an inspiration once again! 1000 posts! That’s incredible. I admire the range and variety of your writing: from politics to parenting to passionate pursuits.

    So glad to have found you. Here’s to 1000 more!

  5. I know I shouldn’t say this…as this would mean many, many things that I don’t necessarily want right now (the first of which is all my kids to be grown up)…however, can I just please, for a day or two, have the kind of life that allows me into the Lonely Mom’s Club–and a weekly breakfast with friends.

    I need a vacation.

    1. Sarah – Believe it or not, there are some toddlers that come with their moms. We actually had quite a few kids yesterday – two infants and three toddlers.

  6. I know what it’s like to change topics on a blog, Nicki! Mine started as a place to write down all the insanity of planning my son’s Bar Mitzvah! Obviously, I couldn’t let it go once the event occurred. (I wonder if I’ll be calling him Bar Mitvzahzilla when he’s 25?).

    Can’t wait to see where you go with your topics. I missed a lot of them, so I’m on board.

    1. Some nicknames stick! I should write about a Bat Mitzvah that my 19 year old went to a few years back. You would enjoy the stories.

  7. Oh, Nicki, congrats on your 1000th post! You are prolific! And reading you has encouraged me to be more daring about subject matters I write about.

    I also really love how you make everyone feel welcome here regardless of whether or not you agree with our views. Your warmth comes through in your writings.

    So glad to have bumped into you in cyberspace.

  8. Hi Nicki – Wow, congratulations. You are amazingly prolific. I can’t always keep up with all your posts, but admire your writing discipline and willingness to explore such a vast array of topics. Unlike me, seems like you are never at a loss for your next idea. So here’s to your next 1000!

    1. Thanks, Jane. LMC – Lonely Moms Club – is a meet in real life group that sprung from a moms web site our local Gannett paper has. We decided to get together one Thursday a year or so ago and try to do it every Thurs. during the school year.

    1. Thanks, Amber.

      I think I tend to be the way I am online in real life but maybe not. You will see what I mean when I post my Love It Up entry tomorrow.

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