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Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday.  The church has been decorated in purple during the five previous weeks of Lent.  Purple for the desert.  Purple for the waiting.  Purple in anticipation of what is to come. Today, if nothing else, people who walked into the church would have noticed the red.  People would also notice the fresh… Continue reading Palm Sunday

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Lenten Fish Fry

Regardless of where you turn here in my area, there is a Friday Fish Fry going on during Lent.  If you are not going to or working a Fish Fry, you are probably having pirogi at another church.  Since the Photo Club I go to has food as the photographing assignment this month, I decided to take… Continue reading Lenten Fish Fry

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Confirmation – an affirmation of a belief, a piece of evidence.  These are standard definitions.  I am, though, referring to one of the Rites of Initiation in the Catholic Church.  On March 18th, the Bishop came to town to confirm my son’s class.  There were 22 young people who were ready to take a more… Continue reading Confirmation

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A Quarter Ending

No, I have not taken up reporting my taxes on a quarterly basis.  I am, though, thinking it is time to review any of those goals, or if you use the term, or resolutions that were made back in January.  Without accountability, goals and resolutions and aspirations are just words – but hopefully ones that… Continue reading A Quarter Ending

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Have you ever heard those words coming out of your mouth?  I am sure if you are the parent of a teenager, you probably have.  I know I have.  My biggest problem with those words is when it comes to something new in life – well, new relatively speaking. I want my children to do… Continue reading Do As I Say, Not As I Do

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NCAA Sports

I have written about collegiate sports on many occasions.  This particular occasion comes to you via an ad that the NCAA is running during the current basketball tournament.  I have to write about something having to do with the Madness and my bracket is not the thing as it is dismal after two days of… Continue reading NCAA Sports