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I am way behind.  I acknowledge that Amber at Making the Moments Count gave me the Sunshine Award about ten days ago.  Then, actual sunshine came to Upstate New York and I have been spending as much time as I can in the out of doors and the sun.  I still have to work but am not writing quite as much so need to get going with this.

The Sunshine Award is to be passed on to bloggers who are positive.

So, in the spirit of the Sunshine Award, I will pass it on to these bloggers.

  • Gary’s Third Blog – Gary is a friend of mine who happens to be a potter.  His blog is wonderful, filled with photos and music.
  • Long Legs on the Loose –  Katye’s blog is filled with her adventures in running and giveaways.  She is also doing a fundraiser for Team in Training currently.
  • Making the Moments Count– Like I said in the original post about this award, I can’t believe Amber – who has two small children – thinks my trials with teens are positive.  She has a great attitude so I HAVE to give it back to her.
  • Ten Dollar Thoughts – I love how deep Gale gets and her March month long challenge to eat vegetarian.
  • No Meat Athlete – I love Matt’s blog about being an athlete fueled by plants.  I saw Matt run the Wineglass Marathon in October of 2009 and find all kinds of information on his blog.

There you all go!  More sunshine now that the rain is falling in Upstate New York.

11 thoughts on “Awards!

  1. Thank you, Nicki! You are way too kind.

    I always forget that we actually saw each other in person before we knew each other on the web. Hopefully I’ll end up doing Scranton and we can have a proper in-person meeting!

    1. Some day we will actually meet face-to-face. You never know when I am going to be traveling. LOL! Your area is one of my favs to visit.

  2. Nicki, YOU have been through everything I am struggling with. THAT is why I come back because I know you will share advice (unknowingly) about what I should do when dilemmas occur (like your son’s alcohol thing).

    Thank you for the recognition. You ALWAYS make me smile. : )

    P.S. So glad to hear about the real sunshine!! I know it has brightened our days here a ton!

    1. Linda – ask your DH about how that works, would ya? Do you think he can explain? I know I can’t.

  3. Oh, I love discovering great new blogs! Looking forward to visiting these over lunch.

    And CONGRATS, Nicki – I’m really enjoying your blog and am so happy I found my way here.

    1. Ah, Gary, unfortunately no. I am out for a while due to tennis matches. Seems Friday is a good day for tennis. Between that, the production of “Our Town,” and the Easter holiday, I am out til probably May – at least on Fridays.

      I will be in Ithaca Wed and Thurs this week, though.

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