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Confirmation – an affirmation of a belief, a piece of evidence.  These are standard definitions.  I am, though, referring to one of the Rites of Initiation in the Catholic Church.  On March 18th, the Bishop came to town to confirm my son’s class.  There were 22 young people who were ready to take a more grown up stance in the Church.  As Bishop Costello said during his homily, we are asking a lot of people so young.  We are asking them to do something, be someone that we adults find difficult.  Yet, in their youth, in their innocence, these 22 young people are eager to do what is being asked.

Our pastor, Father Rumble, has been with our parish since it became Church of the Holy Family in August of 2008.  He has made the church, the physical church, look beautiful for celebrations.  I am sure he does not personally do all of this but it is a noticeable difference from previous years.

Below you will find pictures from Confirmation at Church of the Holy Family, Diocese of Syracuse, in upstate New York.

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