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Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday.  The church has been decorated in purple during the five previous weeks of Lent.  Purple for the desert.  Purple for the waiting.  Purple in anticipation of what is to come.

Today, if nothing else, people who walked into the church would have noticed the red.  People would also notice the fresh palms.  Palms are given out one day a year – Palm Sunday – in the Catholic Church.  Old palms are burned to create the ashes used for Ash Wednesday, a complete circle.

Palm Sunday is a day that is red on the Church calendar.  Red for the Passion that is read or enacted.  Red for the celebration of Christ coming into Jerusalem.  Red, though not the Church’s intent but in my mind, for the blood that is to be spilt this week.

Palm Sunday is the beginning of the most solemn week in the Church year.  Palm Sunday starts the week that leads up to the most important act in Christ’s ministry – the resurrection.  Christians are, after all, people of the risen Christ so without Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday – also called Maundy Thursday in some denominations, Good Friday and Easter there would not be a risen Christ and not be Christians as we know them today.

I will warn you all now.  I do not like pushing religion as I know that my readers are of all faiths and of no faith.  This is, though, an important week in my life each year.  I will write about my times in church this week.  I will write about the celebration of the First Eucharist and why it is important to remember it.  I will try to tip you all off by the title so if you don’t want to read, you do not have to read.

12 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. I understand your enthusiasm for your faith, Nicki. I feel the exact same way about being Jewish, literally lit from within and I feel that in your words.

    Have a wonderful, illuminating week.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I hope you had a peaceful – once the shopping scavenger hunt was done – Passover dinner with your family.

    1. It is hard when the kids are little. I just realized as only #5 will be coming home, I will be sitting with just one child as the other three here sing in the choir. That is a small group for Mass.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Suzy. I am hoping I can keep my faith filled life this week as I am also preparing for my second half a week after Easter.

  2. Hi Nicki – I just realized you’re the same Nicki on Daily Mile!

    We had a very nice Palm Sunday mass, I’m trying to reflect more this week myself.

    have a good week.

    1. Yup, I am, Molly! I use to use MapmyRun and then LogYourRun but have settled on DailyMile.

      I went to an absolutely gorgeous musical performance last night at a church. Perfect for Holy Week.

  3. I enjoy reading about other people’s faiths and how they celebrate them. Religion is an extremely personal thing, but also often a very important part of someone’s life. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Even though we celebrate rather sedately compared to Christmas.

    1. “Religion is an extremely personal thing” – You are so right, Charlotte. I don’t want to offend others. I know a lot of people do not discuss religion on their blogs – sort of like the old rules of what you talk about at the dinner table, anything but religion and politics. LOL! I break both rules.

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