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How Does Your Garden Grow?


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I have blogged plenty this late in winter regarding  my desire to have a garden this summer and fall.  Part of my desire stems – pun intended – from the wonderful produce I received the one summer I was in a CSA, community-supported agriculture.  Another piece of the puzzle is that I love fresh veggies and they cost a fortune at the local grocery and are not all that good.  I try to frequent our local farmer’s markets – yes, I said markets plural – but the schedule is not always convenient.



Late last week, I picked up the new edition of Mother Earth’s News.  This is a magazine I use to read all the time as a freshman in college but hadn’t picked up in years, decades to be precise.  I have some additional ideas on what I can grow where I live and what will grow easily.  I also have done extensive research on container gardening.  Imagine my joy at receiving an email this morning with an article attached that detailed a Beginner’s Guide to Fruit and Vegetable Gardening.


You can never have too much knowledge.  Click the links.  Read the articles.  Stop by if you want to borrow an issue of Mother Earth’s News.  Let me know if you want to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

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