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The First 100 Days

The news lately, in anticipation of President Obama’s first 100 days, has been all about dissecting this time frame and, of course, H1N1 flu.  It has been enough to make me turn the news off and listen to music all day but I did turn into the presidential news conference last night.  While I get… Continue reading The First 100 Days

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My friend and neighbor Colleen has a wonderful miniature horse named Dumplin’.   Dumplin’ is in a contest at Special Horses.  Special Horses is clearinghouse type of location with the goal of providing fundraising opportunities, marketing assistance, educational opportunities and community outreach for 501(c)3 organizations involved in equine rescue, rehabilitation, retiremen, therapeutic riding and hippotherapy.… Continue reading Dumplin’

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Specter A Democrat?

Maybe the catchy title to this post should be “Has the GOP seen a Specter?,” as in a ghost.  I spent yesterday as I am today, on a news boycott.  I can’t deal with another story dissecting the first 100 days of this administration.  I also do not want to hear anymore stories on swine… Continue reading Specter A Democrat?

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Millions of Dollars to Universities

Either late last month or earlier this month, the headlines in my local paper were all about Binghamton University – the local university center that is part of the State University of NY system – receiving an anonymous donation of $6 million dollars.  At the same time, other universities across the country were also receiving… Continue reading Millions of Dollars to Universities

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Healthy Habits

I guess I should expect a blog post on a nursing school site to be about health.  I was intrigued at the 100 Health Habit That Can Save Your Life, Your Money, and Your Planet.  What I did not expect is that the list would be divided into seven different areas that would encompass nutrition, general… Continue reading Healthy Habits