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Happy Earth Day!

I have been hoping I would get time to type this up today but was not sure it would ever happen.  I am finding I do “micro-blogging” a lot more these days than in the past, ever since discovering both Twitter and Facebook.

Earth Day is an important day for me.  Well, it should actually be important for anyone who lives on the Earth but that is not always the case.  I have a degree in forestry and the recreational uses of forest so have even learned about conservation from college level professors so my interest may go a bit deeper than the average Joanna.

Earth Day began as an environmental movement in 1970.  This means it came out of the activism that was the late 60’s so was deemed radical by many at the time.  Earth Day groups have helped champion local actions as well as national and international actions.  With the advent of the internet, activites are worldwide and shared that way.  We have finally realized that what happens in Ohio affects Maine and what happens in the US affects Europe and Asia.

I would have to say that my favorites Earth Day site is The Earth Day Network.  Not to be outdone, the federal government has an Earth Day site also – EPA.gov/earthday.

What I want to remind you about most is that every little bit helps.  I am sure you have seen the commercials for products at Wal-Mart that champion CFLs and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.  I have put the CFL ad below.  You may think you don’t make a difference but multiple that by you and your friends and the difference grows.

While CFLs may be controversial due to their mercury content, they do save other forms of energy and cost less in the average home.

So to help you all celebrate Earth Day 2009 and get ready for next year’s 40th anniversary of Earth Day, I have some interesting articles below.

Ideal Bite iTunes Playlist

Eat Local Southern Tier – While not active over the winter months so much, once harvesting and local farmer’s markets get going, so will the site.

And, should you want to read a bit, I strongly suggest Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, ISBN 9780618249060,  or The Lorax by Dr Suess, ISBN 9780394823379.

Celebrate the planet you live on today but more importantly, make every day Earth Day!

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