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Book Review – The Green Teen: The Eco-Friendly Teen’s Guide to Saving the Planet

I remember being an “eco-friendly” teen when I was growing up.  My friends all thought I was crazy.  Now I am finding more and more teens realize that they need to take an active role in helping to ensure there is a planet for their later lives and their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Jenn Savedge’s… Continue reading Book Review – The Green Teen: The Eco-Friendly Teen’s Guide to Saving the Planet

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Parenting Long Distance

I know that most of my friends think parenting is something you do with young children.  By the time you send them off to college, the job is done.  Well, I have found out otherwise.  Actually, I always thought otherwise.   I have one child who goes to school at the University at Buffalo.  I… Continue reading Parenting Long Distance

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Memorial Day Parade – Maine, NY

Every year the hamlet of Maine, in upstate New York, holds a Memorial Day parade that begins at Maine Memorial Elementary and ends the Maine Cemetery.  The parade is a little over a mile and a quarter and includes Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, fire departments and the Maine Community Band.  At the cemetery, there is… Continue reading Memorial Day Parade – Maine, NY

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The Dollar Flip Flop

No, I am not talking about a political change of mind.  I am talking about those staples of summer that you see on almost every teen foot going – the flip flop. Last Saturday, Old Navy had a dollar flip flop sale.  There were a few perimeters – only five pairs per person, only solid… Continue reading The Dollar Flip Flop

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Attention! What do you freelancers do?

I have had fairly steady work through one or two different companies and publications over the past five years or so.  I love freelancing but with the economic downturn, it is getting harder to guarantee work or worse, guarantee payment.   So, all you freelancers out there, let me ask you a few questions.  Do… Continue reading Attention! What do you freelancers do?