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Book Review – The Green Teen: The Eco-Friendly Teen’s Guide to Saving the Planet

I remember being an “eco-friendly” teen when I was growing up.  My friends all thought I was crazy.  Now I am finding more and more teens realize that they need to take an active role in helping to ensure there is a planet for their later lives and their children’s and grandchildren’s lives.


Jenn Savedge’s new release, The Green Teen:  The Eco-Friendly Teen’s Guide to Saving the Planet (New Society Publishers, ISBN 978-0-86571-649-0), not only explains to teens what they can do, it speaks in languages teens look to and understand.

Each chapter of the book is followed by web sites that teens can visit.  There are suggestions for nudging your parents to a more green life because, after all, what teen doesn’t like to know more than his or her parents.  There are also codes that can be text messaged so you can receive harmful chemicals and other environmental items on your mobile phone.  This is particularly helpful when you are at the grocery or other store and want to make a “green” purchase.

My favorite part of the book, and one that I am sure will appeal to teens and their parents, is the various interviews with teens who have made a difference.  These Green Teen profiles range from an Ohio teen who helped in the effort to keep local streams clean so clean water flows into Lake Erie to an Alaskan teen who built an electric car to a New York teen who organized a group to help raise money to put CFL’s in low income homes to help with energy costs to a teen who planted trees at his old elementary school.  There is also the profile of a teen who organized her high school’s first environmental club which went on to organize a Green Assembly for her school of 1900 students.  The final teen profile discusses a teen who took on a major international conglomerate by educating her classmates and her town.  While all of these profiles will inspire teens, there are many lesssons that can be learned by parents and other adults.

Savedge also includes a reading list at the end of the book which includes both classic environmental works like Sand County Almanac and Silent Spring as well as more current works such as An Inconvenient Truth.

I have a copy of this book to giveaway.  Please leave a comment and I will do a random drawing on June 12.

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