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Police Week

This week is Police Week in the Southern Tier of New York.  My father, prior to his death in March, was an active member of the Memorial Committee of the Southern Tier Law Enforcement Memorial Association.  Yesterday morning was their annual Memorial Breakfast to honor those comrades who had fallen in the line of duty.


Little did I realize when my step-mother called me to ask me to attend the breakfast that, in addition to honor those police officers who had died in the past year, my father would be receiving a posthumous award.  As the breakfast was held at The McKinley in Endicott, I did not even give it a second thought before saying I could attend.  This cause was important to my father, although at the time I did not realize how important, so it was important to me.  I took half a day off my work schedule for the week and got dressed for a breakfast.


I had the distinct privilege and honor of sitting with the parents of slain Broome County Sheriff’s Officer Kevin Tarsia and the daughter of Binghamton Police Officer William F. Holbert, Jr.  The Tarsias and I talked for quite some time prior to the breakfast and agenda starting.  We talked about children and their son Kevin.  We talked about my father and his reporting of Kevin’s death.  Tracy, Police Officer Holbert’s daughter, and I talked about her “addiction” to Diet Coke and my father’s same affliction.


Renee Rossi, widow of Port Dickinson Police Officer Aldo Rossi, spoke after the breakfast portion of the program was over.  She talked about meeting Aldo and how their lives evolved as he became a police officer.  She spoke of how she got through each day, sure that he would return home after his shift.  She also spoke at length of the community and support that is among the various departments in the area and how much that has meant to her since last July.


Two local businesses received awards for their support of law enforcement in the area.  Endwell Greens Golf Course received one for its support and as the location for the tenth annual golf tournament during Police  Week.  Oakdale Endodontics also received an award.  In this particular case, the business opened in the Southern Tier after being located in Syracuse.  The owners have, every year since, donated to the Southern Tier Law Enforcement Memorial Association.


I accepted, on my father’s behalf, an individual award for all that he had done as a reporter with the local newspaper for 43 years.  My father made sure that all the events of Police Week showed up in the paper each year.  He worked a police and fire beat, as well as being a volunteer firefighter, and knew that the public needs to know the sacrifice these public servants make each day.

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