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Delegate of the Year

I have had many a discussion with friends as their children are adapting as young adults to life on their own, at college.  We talk about how kids, especially student-athletes, tend to view themselves only in the spotlight of their sport.  We also talk about how finding that niche that is what interests a student is vitally important as the student makes the transition from high school to college.

My oldest daughter, her senior year in high school, found herself with some free time.  Rather than do nothing, she became very involved in student government.  She helped with counting votes from elections for everything from homecoming queen to new officers for the following year.  She also won a scholarship of $500 as the student who embodied the qualities of a previous student government proponent.  I do apologize for not having the name handy.  My thoughts do not always go the way I anticipate them to go.

This same daughter, after a rather rocky start to her college experience, decided to become a student government delegate in college.  She is not particularly political but she does understand that, as someone once said to me, to complain, you need to be involved.  For four years, she has been a delegate, a senator, a class vice-president and more.  Through student government, she has spent three years working with CPB – Campus Programming Board.  The programming board decides on various activities on campus, including musical acts that come to campus.

On Sunday evening, at her last student government end of year dinner, Elise was awarded the Delegate of the Year award.

Elise with Josh Gracin
Elise with Josh Gracin

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